Our  Services

Debt Collection

Collecting debts requires specialist skills. Brooke Credit Consultants has the experience, knowhow and ability to collect your debt in a prompt and efficient manner. Having old debts can cause a headache for managing your cashflows. We have one of the highest success rates in Zimbabwe for Debt recovery. We deal with Commercial and Consumer debtors on a daily basis so we are fully aware of the delaying tactics they use; to that effect, our experienced and qualified collectors have developed specific policies to counter them. Our collection process is fast and effective, in many cases as short as 15 days.

Brooke Credit Consultants collection and recoveries also cover the following areas:

  • Complete ledger management and clean up
  • Pre and post write-off collections
  • Prime collections
  • Tracing of debtors

We appreciate that speed of recovery is key in all business environments so we have created a fast and effective recovery process which safeguards our Principals’ funds and retain their customers as well.

Training of Credit and Sales Personnel

We can offer training and workshop programmes that can assist your business with its collection processes and techniques. These programmes cover an extensive range of topics relevant to the issues faced by the credit staff and can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Our training includes:

  • In house training
  • Public workshops
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials leading to a Higher Diploma in Credit management offered by the Institute of Credit Management in Zimbabwe

Our most popular training programmes include:

  • Effective debt recovery “The Zero % Arrears prescription”
  • Taking the risk out of credit sales
  • Effective corporate credit policy formulation
  • Building bridges between sales and credit control. Who killed the sale ???
  • Debt collection negotiating techniques
  • Effective rent and revenue collection
  • Debt recovery through the courts
  • Psychology of debt collection
  • Financial and non-financial performance indicators
  • Credit risk evaluation and Management
  • The law and legislation of business credit
  • Effective debt collection tools
  • Judicial management

Credit Consultancy and Advisory

Our Credit Consultancy service is designed to ensure that we add value to your business. We put our customers first hence our market leadership in the Debt recovery Industry. 

Credit Consultancy Process 

Our service starts with a scrutiny whereby our Advisors visit your workplace and carry out a scrutiny of your current reactive and preventive systems. We will then give you advice on how you can improve your preventive systems to reduce the number of bad debts. This may include changing your internal policies, introducing new systems and using Terms of Trade documentation. We will help protect your business from both consumer and commercial bad debtors.Research has shown that businesses that have effective policies in place and use correct documentation experience fewer disputes and reduced levels of bad debts.

We have the time, expertise and resources needed to scan or carry out a scrutiny of your credit function to determine and report on:

  • Your credit and collection staff competencies
  • Credit policy adequacies
  • Collection tools effectiveness
  • Your collection techniques effectiveness
  • Credit vetting effectiveness 

Brooke Credit consultants has developed a specific division within its operation dedicated to advisory services specializing in all areas from:

  • Outsourcing credit control
  • Drafting of a suitable credit policy
  • Credit Department Structuring
  • Credit and collection department documentation
  • Credit risk evaluation for potential debtors / vetting