About  Us

Compelling choice

We value our customers and as such we design excellent tailor-made services in accordance to what our customers' need leaving everyone satisfied.

Mission statement

We aim to become the leading supplier of Credit Consultancy services in local and regional markets through novelty, transparency and integrity. BCC believes in the importance of strong professional contact, ethics and high values, particularly as we operate in a business environment where the finance sector is growing hence the need for our services.


We aim to:

  • Look for new and innovative ways to deliver our services.
  • Be flexible and transparent in our deliverances.
  • Build a strong level of trust and honesty with all stakeholders.
  • Serve our customers in a manner suitable for their unique business model
  • Understand and protect the integrity of the customer's brand and all other corporate secrets
  • Operate in a way that protects and enhances the customer's reputation in the market place

Personalized Service and Accountability

At BCC, our customers enjoy one-on-one contact with the person responsible for the overall account (Portfolio Manager), and one-on-one contact with the person responsible for their day to day business requirements. Both are experts in their field and accountable for delivering exceptional service and the best possible business outcomes.

Service Excellence

BCC seeks to provide excellent service delivery by building relationships with customers so as to be able to anticipate their needs. Through listening to our customers, we are able to analyse all feedback from them and act on it to exceed their expectations as we believe there is always room for improvement.